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Law Office of Yuexin Li LLC

Since the establishment of his law firm in 2005, Attorney Stephen Yuexin Li has provided dedicated representation to a multitude of clients. With a strong commitment and focus, he specializes in wills and trusts, real estate, immigration and simple court matters. When you need legal assistance, Stephen Yuexin Li is the lawyer you want to stand by your side.



Attorney Stephen Yuexin Li is a seasoned legal professional specializing in wills and trusts, excelling in drafting detailed documents. Known for his customer-focused approach, he ensures comprehensive and complete solutions, making Attorney Stephen Yuexin Li a trusted advisor in the realm of estate planning.

Attorney Stephen Yuexin Li a seasoned legal professional in the field of real estate law. With a robust background in property transactions, he specializes in a diverse array of cases including but not limited to purchase & sales, leasing agreements, real estate disputes, landlord tenant matters, and real estate litigations. His dedication to delivering a comprehensive and satisfactory client-centric solution makes Attorney Stephen Yuexin Li a trusted professional.

Attorney Stephen Yuexin Li is a dedicated legal professional with a passion for immigration law. With a wealth of experience concerning the complex US immigration laws, he is a wonderful source of information and advice. Whether guiding clients through visa applications, providing deportation defense, preparing and filing family based or employment based immigration, or assisting with the naturalization process, Attorney Stephen Yuexin Li combines legal expertise with empathy to provide the best possible support for all.